Quick and easy development of business applications
of any complexity
from the scratch
All system settings are available to the client
and do not require
any programming skills
Easy integration with external services and the informational environment of the business

The Purpose of the platform

This platform is a ready-to-use toolset that allows creating an application from a template without programming: set up an object model and screen forms, implement business processes and complex decision rules, perform calculations, form printed documents and dashboards, configure reports


Data structuring and storage

All platform data is stored as a customizable object model which is open to specifying a necessary hierarchy, relationships, and inheritance rules

Element view customization
  • Display designer (Drag&Drop mode)
  • Menu and registry settings
  • Personalizing workspaces and screen elements depending on the user
Automation of business processes

Customization of business processes in BPMN 2.0, task management, document and object routing, execution control and business-process monitoring

Managing BRMS business rules
  • Screen objects settings (setting rules of visibility, condition tips, logical and arithmetic checks)
  • Business-process settings (settings for branch transitions and processes end conditions)
  • Standard terms and notifications settings
  • Platform elements and dates related algorithms
Сalculation module
  • Creating unlimited amounts of models
  • Setting properties of models
  • Determining calculation steps
  • Connecting algorithms for calculating indicators
  • Defining calculation data composition
  • Applying algorithm registries
  • Types of algorithms: variables, procedure, condition, formula
  • Customizing of calculations using arithmetic, logical and statistic operations
  • Customizing of cycles, using internal/external algorithms and methods DataMining (correlation and regression analysis, factor analysis, decision trees, neural networks);
  • Algorithm variability support
Document management
  • Customization of templates and the process of creating documents from platform data and external sources
  • Document generation and reconciling
  • Document completeness control
  • Reviewing, automatic generation of disagreement protocols
  • Barcoding
  • Application of a formed versions and follow materials archive
  • Export to Microsoft Word, PDF, LibreOffice
Analytics and reports
  • Parametric table reports designer
  • OLAP reports designer
  •  Special widget presets (ex. Dashboard to monitor the effectiveness of the lending processes)
  • Export analytical reports and data
Integration (ETL module)

New integrations set up and customization:

  • Uploading/offloading and processing data (scheduled, triggered, manual)
  • Uploading/offloading data from external sources (JDBC, REST, SOAP, JMS)

Data source:

  • internal service;
  • external service;
  • external DBMS;
  • file.

Data conversion:

  • by algorithm;
  • by reference;
  • by duplicate removal;
  • by creating groups and aggregation

Data receiver:

  • internal database;
  • external service.

Advantages of the platform

Not a one-time fix, but a platform

We do not develop solutions for a specific customer
or a project. We develop a platform and implement
all the new functions in a form of a convenient toolset that is instantly available for all of our customers

Corporate system socialization

Built-in messenger, news feed, ratings, comment options help make the system familiar and user-friendly

Standardization and availability

The platform makes maximum use of available standards and notations (BPMN 2.0, IDEF, MathML)

Self-service and business user orientation

All system settings (adding attributes and objects, setting up screen objects and interface, business process algorithms and techniques customization, access rights determination) are made available to clients and do not require programming knowledge

Easy integration with the world outside 

The platform has gateways to most commonly used information systems and open services, in addition
to that the platform itself is available to the outside world and contains the API based on modern protocols

Flexible architecture

The loosely coupled service-component architecture allows quick and flexible individual platform components update instead of updating the entire platform

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