Monitoring and
Early Warning System

Do not miss out on important events, transactions and customers. «Monitoring and early warning» module helps provide the highest quality portfolios

Contract terms control

The composition and frequency of monitoring
of financial and non-financial conditions
of transactions are adapted in accordance
with the current policies of the Bank

Details and frequency of the financial
and non-financial transaction terms monitoring adapt to the current policies of the lender

An additional service is available for carrying out
the value and physical status of collateral

Monitoring schedules

Monitoring schedules are created based
on the decisions and signed contract information

Solvency analysis

Tools of a client’s solvency analysis and automatic assessment of the current risk level of transactions are used in the module

Early Warning System

EWS (Early Warning System) Unit significantly increases the ability to prevent consequences of negative changes
on client’s report by conducting
an interactive analysis of information
from external sources

Monitoring results

The module automates the processes of recording the monitoring results, negative signals and
the interaction of components as part
of the control procedures

The monitoring events database is presented
in the form of reports and interactive dashboards

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