E-documents eDoc

Win over customers with the higher quality
of your service at all stages of collaboration.
The amazing speed of treaty-building process
in «eDoc» module helps ensure your customers will receive assets on time
электронные подтверждающие документы

«Term Sheet» electronic agreement

The contract is built based on Term Sheet electronic agreement of the client’s transaction terms.
Term Sheet reflects covenant composition
of the product catalog and decisions of the lender’s team depending on the type of transaction
and the counterparty

Standard agreement conditions

An option of automatic agreement preparation based on client’s score information, terms of the product and affirmation of the transaction
by an underwriter or an authorized person
is provided for standard products
подготовка договоров соглашений

Specific conditions of a contract

The following tools are used to determine specific conditions and requirements:

  • Business process routes of compliance of the contract terms automation
  • Assigning of responsibilities to the employees for the coordination of certain contract parts
  • Ability to work in the interactive contract discussion mode with the ability to comment and edit
Template customization and logistics of creating documents from the platform database
and external sources
Document generating and compliance
Document consistency control and barcoding
Review, automatic generation
of discrepancy protocols
Integration of generated variations
and related materials archive
Export to Word, PDF, LibreOffice

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