Credit WorkFlow

One platform for selling products to all clients

Make the entire trading process aimed at increasing the margin of the credit portfolio automatic

Access to a unique package of services
to improve the quality
of customer service
«In the course of over than 10 years of automation of credit processes we have developed the most convenient approaches to solving a large number of specific application and offer you our experience and council to achieve the best results in the quickest way possible»‎
Andrey Arkhipov


«GreenData.CRM» offers features of a classic
CRM-system enhanced with specific tools.
There could be only several minutes between
the moment of developing an interest for a product
to making a deal. Our system takes 5 to 10 seconds
to analyze a client’s credit score

Credit risk

«GreenData.Credit risk» module automates
the processes of collecting customer data, their financial status as well as the processes of calculating the various factors, ratings, analysis and the determination
of the credit risk. It holds both the pre-assessment
of a potential client as well as a complex analysis
of counterparties using a maximum amount
of information

E-documents eDoc

«eDoc» Module is a tool that automatically generates loan security documentation, helps to quickly provide compliance and prepare online-documents. eDocs eliminates the necessity of holding physical copies
of documentation for banks and physical presence
for signaturing them for clients

Application management

«Application Management» module processes
the credit applications and perform a full cycle
of the credit analysis. The module provides a set of tools for complex structuring of transactions and supports underwriting procedures of any complexity

Decision-making Team

«Decision-making Team» module automatically checks the application completeness, defines the margins
of the authority of the management bodies
and automatically notifies about meetings

Monitoring and Early Warning System

The monitoring module significantly expands
the capabilities of standard practices of monitoring developments for transactions, financial status
of counterparties and the overall state of the portfolio. The module pools counterparties activity and deals, alerting the response mechanisms considering dynamics of risk factors and potential problems

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