Credit risk

Reduce risks of defaults and delays
with the module «GreenData.Credit risk»

The module calculates risk indicators, conclusions and recommendations based on results of the analysis and instantly delivers the information to all decision-making process participants from a head Manager to a back-office worker

Credit Check services

Custom credit check express-services and built-in integrations help organizing productive
and fast team operation
Express credit check

Express credit check service helps decide on client’s creditworthiness within seconds

Rating evaluation

The service is integrated into front-office applications to be used by the client’s and credit specialists to automatically assess client’s creditworthiness and obtaining recommendations

Built-in integrations

No additional information is required from
the client to determine the credit score,
all the information is automatically uploaded from internal and external sources

Customer analysis

The module allows the primary assessment of a potential client as well as a complex analysis of counterparties using the maximum amount of information

Risk factors monitoring

Monitoring service department uses the module to automatically form professional opinions while the back office uses it to control the amount of transaction assets


Procedures configuration

The following procedures configurations are available
to risk management specialists:
  • Construction of scoring maps and rating systems
  • Complex analysis of financial and business operations factors
  • Credit limits calculation
  • Assessment of quantitative and qualitative values of counterparties’ credit risk factors
  • Models of evaluation of default possibility
  • Calculation of transactions and portfolios’ risk indicators

Advanced analytics

The module processes data by using arithmetic, logical and statistical processes, setting up cycles, using internal and external algorithms and DataMining methods (including correlation and regression analysis, factor analysis, decision trees, neural networks)

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