Decision-making Team

Make better decisions with «Decision-making Team» module

Analytical support, meetings in remote mode, sourcing the decisions on terms of transactions directly into contracts and automatic orders monitoring provide additional opportunities
to make quick and accurate decisions

Access settings

This module incorporates the workspaces for Secretary and members of a decision-making team

Meetings preparation

Organizational services will significantly reduce the preparation and overall meeting times

Meetings Calendar
Task distribution among the management
Creating a list of participants

Session management

Electronic agenda contains essential information required for the decision-making process and an access to clients’ history. The decision-making team has
an option of online discussions and voting
Session results
Automatic vote calculation
Electronic decisions and session records
Automatic tasks assignment to persons in charge

E-documents eDoc

The amazing speed of treaty-building process in the module «eDoc» ensures your customers receive resources at the right time.

Module eDoc — the set of tools for automatic generation
of loan and security documentation. It allows you to organize a speedy alignment

Monitoring and EWS

Do not miss important events on transactions and customers with the “Monitoring and early warning” module.

The module consolidates events about counterparties and transactions into a single pool, supports mechanisms for proactive response to signals of problems and dynamics of risk factors.

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