Application management

Increase the number of clients while offering a higher quality credit check. «Application Management» module
will help you create the most effective way to organize transactions and create maximum profit

Duties optimization

Automatic duties optimization and task coordination for all services of the lender in «One window» mode will significantly increase the quality, speed and transparency of credit procedures

Underwriting configuration

The module provides underwriting strategies settings to ensure the effectiveness of the lender
in the target areas of business

The tools define the client segment profiles, establish their characteristics and the depth
of differentiation

The business rule presets and analysis process routes are customized
for different types of clients
and products.

The tools combine the parameters
of the customer segments and
the Bank’s product catalog

Business rules of strategies and underwriting routes can be customized
or enhanced depending on the specifics of the credit process

Launching and execution
of the strategies are available
in automatic, manual
and test modes

Workspace Organization

The underwriting workspace is organized based on adaptive intelligent portal

  • User’s interface displays functional services required to operate in a particular area of a strategy
  • Personal task calendar provides simplicity and convenience of the workflow
  • Color-coded data and applications
  • Group chat between the participants of the decision-making process
  • A set of operational reports, interactive tips and help

Main services

Counterparty card

Contains full database on participants of transactions from passport information and credit history to analysis of the relationships and affiliations between borrowers, credit score history and values of creditworthiness indicators

Electronic application form

Crates complex applications aimed at decision-making (container application). The Bank Specialists include various types of question
into a container application, such as:

  • granting the product access,
  • setting limits,
  • changings terms of agreements,
  • setting individual terms,
  • forming credit documentation,
  • overlooking general banking issues
Execution of strategies and application review processes run

Ability to control every stage of the route of an application, while every detail of the complex application may have a strategy and an analysis process route on its own

Work Requests services

Means of enrichment
Use of external and internal sources of information

Means of verification

  • check lists,
  • algorithmic and logical checks,
  • automatic relevance checks,
  • consistency and completeness of information

Analysis tool

  • scoring cards,
  • financial and expert indicators,
  • methods of analysis and rating measuring levels
Transaction structuring

Transaction structuring tools in compliance with current product catalog and contract criteria

Expert reviews and opinions

Sets of expert reviews and opinions of the Bank’s profile services based on the analysis of the application data

Credit Opinion

The mechanism of preparation of electronic credit opinion and a draft of a transaction’s decision

Control of normative terms

Means of control of the normative underwriting procedures terms

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