«GreenData.CRM» clients quickly receive best offers from lenders. «GreenData.CRM» service
is the quickest way to choose a product
and make a deal

Processing Requests

Processing and management of client’s requests from various sources and creating automatic responses

Personal account
Online banking

Agents and partners
Offices and branches
Self-service devices

Interactive analysis of information

The system automatically receives the necessary data from external and internal sources. You can manage the data requirements and algorithms of a client’s review representation

Optimal product selection

  • Customers chose the most suitable product using online questionnaires and product calculator
  • Notifying customers about the terms of the product purchase
  • An option of creating requests and providing documentation to a lender
  • Automatic selection and execution of the product delivery option

Creating Online Contract

An automatic contract based on an approved application attributes is generated and presented
to the client for discussing and signature
(including remotely)
рукопожатие в банке

Working with leads

«Green Data.CRM» module managers work with existing and potential clients. To attract new clients and benefit existing ones we offer:

молодой человек с телефоном

An option of customizing phone survey scenarios

планирование в календаре задач

Planning lead activity and creating a task calendar

Offers database

экран с интерфейсом

Tools to describe stages of selling process and control of tasks executed by managers

Client Database

«GreenData.CRM» creates 360º client and leads database.
Each electronic contact represents a valid and fully consolidated client information to ensure effective communication, analysis
of requests and creating offers. The information is based
on the type of a counterparty

Score modules and business rules adjustment

«Green Data.CRM» uses score modules and business rules presets to determine the value of a client and compare
the parameters of a products with the results of an indicators analysis of the counterparty

The system can create the final decision of accepting a client automatically or using the underwriting service

Reports configuration

«GreenData.CRM» report service presents information required for analyzing the customers and effectiveness of the sales business processes as a user-friendly dashboard

Sales funnel management

Easy setup the sales funnel for the management and analysis

  • Customizing the scoring rules for requests
  • Customizing the sales cycle for each product or a target segment
  • Control of the execution of a strategy and achieving goals
схемы графики аналитика

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